Induction Sessions to be delivered by Curriculum Teams

The induction timetable identifies 3 sessions to be delivered by Curriculum staff. The resources for these sessions can be downloaded by clicking the links below.


For each of the 3 sessions, it's important that you:

1. Download a paper register HERE to complete at each session. 

2. Use the specific name for the Group. The Group Title can be found in this list.

3. Upload a copy of the register to the correct file HERE.

Session 1: Welcome

Welcome Session Plan


Welcome PowerPoint Presentation

Session 2: About the Course

This will be designed and delivered by curriculum staff and cover the following areas


Session 3: Safeguarding & Behaviour

Safeguarding, Mental Health & Behaviour Session Plan

Safeguarding, Mental Heal& Behaviour PowerPoint Presentation


The Big Induction

Each and every student is required to attend a BIG INDUCTION session. 

Students will receive key messages about the college and the services it provides. 

The PowerPoint Presentation can be downloaded HERE

class delivery.jpg

Initial Assessments for Vocational Learners

It is extremely important that we find out the starting points of our learners. This is especially important following the long period of lockdown during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The document below explains how initial assessments for vocational students are to be conducted at Westminster Kingsway College. 

An important part of the Initial Assessment is the VSA or Vocational Skills Assessment. This is explained in detail on Pages  5 - 8 in the document. 

Teachers who are conducting Initial Assessments with groups will be required to administer, mark, RAG Rate on ProMonitor and set Learning Targets for each individual student.  These Learning Targets will be picked up as part of the SGTF (Small Group Tuition Fund) programme. 

The document can be downloaded HERE.

The VSA marking proforma can be downloaded HERE.