CCCG Protocols for Learners when Learning Online

A protocol is a set of rules

This CCCG Protocol will help you stay safe online and make the most of your learning. Please read it carefully and check anything you don't understand with your teachers.

Teachers and tutors will be going through how to safeguard learners online during the induction process.  The protocols devised below have been produced in conjunction with the CCCG Safeguarding Policy, ICT Acceptable Use Policy and the Anti-Bullying Policy.   


  • To protect all learners, we ask that learners are appropriately dressed and ready to learn when logging onto lessons using Teams, Google or Moodle eLearning platforms.   

  • To help us to ensure our learners safety, online learners, wherever possible, are requested to turn on their cameras and to use them during the scheduled lessons or break out rooms.  If learners are learning online and have the option available to change their background on the screen for privacy, we encourage learners to do so.   

  • We will contact learners if they are unable to attend classes including online lessons so that we can follow up appropriately and make sure that safeguarding procedures are followed. The College will provide you with our contact details when you enrol.   

  • Learners must inform the College if they are struggling to meet deadlines so that the College is able to support them to try and meet requests.    

  • The College will work with the learners by providing one to ones and tutorials which will be scheduled as part of the timetable. This is to ensure that learners have the time and confidential space with their tutor to review their needs in order to further support them.   

  • When learners log onto the College eLearning platform (Teams, Google or Moodle) on or off the premises they will need to read and agree to the ICT Acceptable Use statement and the monitoring of the College’s ICT systems.    

  • We ask learners not to disclose their locations online and to not give away too many personal details.   

  • Learners need to keep password logins safe and not to disclose these to anyone else.   

  • Learners should ensure that Bluetooth is turned off on their mobile phone while they are engaged in lessons.   

  • Learners are not to take photos of others while engaged in learning including using photos online in any context.    

  • To protect learners, we ask for lanyards to be visibly worn when on site and visible when attending online classes.    

  • Learners are to report bullying online or that takes place on the College premises. Teachers follow the Anti-Bullying Policy in this regard to ensure that all learners feel safe.    

  • Learners will receive an email when they receive a laptop asking them to agree to the College safeguarding protocols of usage when working online.  


Learners with any concerns or who feel worried should refer to the Safeguarding contact at

Westminster Kingsway College: 0207 832 5331