As a student at WestKing, you have the right to:


  • Understand the Learner Behaviour Management Procedure and the Learner Behaviour Charter.

  • Ask for help to understand the Behaviour Management Procedure.

  • Be notified in writing before a Stage 2 or 3 Behaviour Management Hearing.

  • Bring a parent, carer or friend (fellow learner, College staff, support worker, signer or language interpreter) to any Stage 2 or 3 hearing for support, to understand and clarify any important points and respond to any questions raised during the hearing.

  • See any documentation used during Behaviour Management Hearings - names and details of witnesses may be concealed at the discretion of the Chairperson

  • Receive formal communication of the outcome of management action not more than five 5 days after the Behaviour Management hearing has taken place

  • Appeal against the decision to exclude