Misconduct & Gross Misconduct

The College makes a distinction between “misconduct” and “gross misconduct”.


Examples of Misconduct (please remember these are just examples):


  • Breaching the Learner Behaviour Agreement or any other policy set by the College

  • Threatening language

  • Racist, sexist, religious, dis/ability remarks and language including online

  • Disruptive or disobedient behaviour

  • Swearing or spitting

  • Persistent absence or unauthorised lateness

  • Regular failure to attend lessons correctly equipped

  • Persistent failure to meet deadlines or complete course-work


Examples of Gross Misconduct (please remember these are just examples):


  • Possession of weapons

  • Sexual violence and sexual harassment

  • Any action which places learners or staff in physical danger or in breach of the law

  • Violent behaviour

  • Use or possession of illegal substances or alcohol

  • Theft, vandalism, forging signatures to fraudulently obtain money

  • Attempting to enter the College premises when suspended

  • Bullying, harassment or intimidation including online both on and off college sites

  • Abuse of College property

  • Plagiarism or cheating in examinations/assessments

  • Breach of the ICT Acceptable Use Policy – accessing in appropriate material on line