If you are suspected of gross misconduct or repeated acts of misconduct, managers may ask you to return your I.D. Card and leave the premises pending further investigation.


You must not re-enter the College premises until you are contacted by the College.


You will be sent a formal notification of Suspension. It will tell you when you may return to College. Security and reception staff will also be notified.

If you are under the age of 18, or have waived your data protection rights, your parents or guardians will be informed about the suspension.


If you are between 14 and 16, you must be escorted when you leave the College. You will be sent to the Curriculum Manager for KS4. The Curriculum Manager who will contact the relevant member of at the school staff and parents and guardians.


In the case of gross misconduct, if there is a victim, he or she must provide a written witness statement and may be invited to attend the Stage 3 Hearing as a witness. This is at the Chairperson's discretion. They will also be informed of the outcome of the Hearing by the Chairperson.