Well done!
We hope you are looking forward to your first day at Westminster Kingsway College. We would like to extend a big warm welcome.


Here's what you can expect on your first day at the college.

It's completely normal to feel a bit nervous about turning up to the college on your first day. The thing to remember is that everyone is in exactly the same boat as you.
Whether you already know other  students who are coming to College or you're all on your own, you are going to meet a load of new people on your course.


First Day.png

How do I get there?


The first thing is for you to work out the best, fastest and cheapest route for you. You can apply for a discounted travel card valid on certain public transport routes.




What am I supposed to bring with me?


The basic things you need to bring with you are, a pen, a pencil, a notepad, a rucksack or bag to carry any college work and, possibly, a water bottle.


Your teachers will let you know what specific books and resources you need.  Also make sure you've got some lunch or money to get some.


Check the Student Finance link to see if you might be entitled to free meals.