The College reserves the right to contact the police if a learner may be in breach of the law.


An Assistant Principal will be consulted before the police are involved unless the incident is an emergency situation in which case an Assistant Principal will be informed as soon as possible.


If the police are required to escort a learner from the premises as a result of dangerous or threatening behaviour, the offending learner is automatically suspended for as long as it takes the police to complete their investigations.


The College maintains a zero tolerance approach to weapons, drugs and violence. Cases of witnessed assault or drug use must lead to immediate suspension until the date of a Stage 3 Behaviour Management hearing.


If the College is forced to request police intervention, a report of the incident should be placed in the learner’s 7 file.


Where the Police are involved but a prosecution is not made through lack of evidence, the college may still follow its own Behaviour Management procedures which could lead to the learner being excluded form college.


Furthermore, a learner could face disciplinary action for offences committed outside of college.