Welcome to the WestKing Student Induction Website

Please read through this introduction then click the button below to get into the site. 

The College has created this site to introduce you to your course and the college learning environment. Here are a few Top Tips for you. 

Top Tip 1: Take your time and work your way through this website, it should any questions you might have. If you there is something you need to know and you can’t find it on here, please email us at XXXXX.

Top Tip 2: Make sure you’ve chosen the right course. If your course in not right for you, don’t panic and don’t be afraid to talk to someone in the Student Services Team. We have a range of courses at WestKing so we’re sure we can meet your needs. Just don’t leave without talking to someone.

Top Tip 3: Prepare for your future after college. Take a careers online quiz and take the time to learn about the qualifications you need for your dream job.

Top Tip 4: Join an enrichment club or society and make new friends. Take part in a new activity to develop your skills and talents and try out something new.