The video below explains how and where students are seated in the exam room. Before watching please read the guidelines below:

  • Ensure that all students' personal belongings, including jackets, bags and mobile phones are left in a designated area in the exam room. All mobile phones must be switched off. 

  • There must be no personal belongings on their desks apart from the relevant examination materials and permitted PPE.

  • Candidates must bring their own examination resources. They must not borrow from other candidates in case of cross contamination.

Things to remember:


1. Candidates must wear a face mask/covering in the examination room. 

2. Candidates who are exempt from wearing a face mask/covering may be moved to a more distant desk if available and if appropriate.

3. Candidates should clean their desks before starting and after completing their examinations.

4. You may ask a candidate to visually check his or her PPE from a safe distance for notes, electronic devices, etc.

5. Once seated, candidates cannot leave the room unescorted. They must remain at their assigned desks.