Answers to the online safety quiz

1. The S in HTTPS means Secure

2. Keeping apps and programs up-to-date on your computer helps to stop hackers from stealing your information

3. If you post your address and phone number on your social  media site, people who know personal details about you may be able to work out your passwords.

4. Identity theft is when people use your information to impersonate you and access private areas such as your bank account.

5. All phones should allow you to call 999.

6. Examples of screen locks are: face unlock, pattern unlock, fingerprint unlock and number code unlock.

Were all your answers correct?


This next video gives more information in an easy to understand way. Please watch it and take notes. Use these notes to help you stay safe in the future.

The following links explain how you can stay safe when you use the following apps. They were written for parents and students so they contain lots of safety tips. 


Tik Tok







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