Answers to the security quiz

1. The main role of the security team is to make you safe and the building secure from intruders.

2. Student IDs should be worn around your neck at all times when you are in the building.

3. The security team works with managers in emergency situations.

4. The security team as also responsible for lost property and helping with first aid.

Were all your answers correct?


Before watching the video, it is important that you read one of the Health & Safety documents below.
Please choose the centre or centres where you are studying, click on the label below, download the document and read it carefully. 

Watch the video and note down ways in which you can maintain your online safety. Please make sure you put these into practice.

This short video explains what you should do if the fire alarm goes off at Westminster Kingsway College. There are times when you may have to remain in college.


1. What should you do when the fire alarm goes off?


2. Do you know where the assembly point is outside the college?

3. If you are asked to stay inside the college, where should you go?

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