The video above explains how invigilators should end examinations under normal circumstances. The text below elaborates on this by listing the actions invigilators should take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Remember: All candidates must wear a face mask/covering during all exams unless they are exempt. 

Ending the Examination

  • Usual examination rules apply (see the JCQ ICE document)

  • Candidates should be told to stop writing and set down their pens

  • They should be asked to complete their personal details on the front of their scripts if they haven't done so already

  • The invigilator should collect the scripts whilst the candidates are seated. This will prevent a gathering at the invigilators desk, or candidates leaving uncompleted scripts or leaving the room unescorted. 

  • Scripts must be collated in candidate number order by subject. Please be vigilant where there are multiple subjects.

  • It is permissible to wear gloves whilst collecting scripts. 

Handling and Collating Examination Materials

  • You do not have to wear gloves when handling examination materials but it is permissible.

  • Ensure all candidates  have completed all their details on the front of their answer scripts before they leave the room.

Candidates Leaving the Building

  • Once all scripts have been collected, candidates can collect their belongings and be escorted from the building

  • An invigilator will asked to escort the students from the building

  • Remind candidates to observe social distancing at all times while they are being escorted from the room and the building

Returning Examination Materials to the Exams Office

  • Return the examination scripts to the Exam Office - The ALS room at the back of the Learning Centre - This can only be accessed via the cafeteria.

  • Please maintain as much social distancing as possible when return scripts. 

  • Always knock on the office door before entering.