PPE & Invigilation: Please read the following 4 sections carefully  


All candidates will be expected to wear face masks in communal areas and in the examination rooms unless they are exempt.

Exempted candidates may be moved so that they are at a further distance from other candidates, if possible.


Desk Cleaning

Cleaning materials will be provided in the examination rooms. Candidates will be expected to clean their desks before and after each examination. Invigilators are not expected to clean desks but are expected to ensure candidates do so.

young person cleaning.jpg


The College will provide masks, visors and gloves for invigilators as well as cleaning products for candidate and invigilator working areas. It is recommended that you wear a mask during your duties unless you are exempt. It is acceptable to combine this with a visor and gloves.



1. Everyone should wear a face mask unless they are exempt.

2. Candidates are expected to clean their desks after the exam.