The video above explains the dos and don'ts during invigilation. Here are some extra tips.

  • All candidates must wear a face mask/covering during all exams unless they are exempt. 

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

  • Remain vigilant regarding social distancing.

  • When invigilating, it is normal to regularly patrol the room. In this instance, you should keep movement to a minimum and look to find a vantage point from where you can observe the room clearly. 

  • You should try to ventilate the room by opening windows where possible. 

During the Examination

  • Be vigilant during the examination regarding social distancing and candidate behaviour.

  • Switch your mobile phone to silent and do not use it during the exam for any reason. Do not take books, newspapers or any publications into the exam room.

  • If you are unsure about any action you may have to take, please always contact the Exams Officer before making a decision.

Candidates leaving the room during an Examination

  • Candidates can only leave the room under escort, for example, for toilet breaks

  • Any candidate who leaves the room unescorted is not permitted back in the room and must be escorted out of the building

  • The usual processes around candidates feeling unwell apply

  • If a candidate wishes to leave the exam early, you should encourage them to remain and check over their paper 

  • If candidate insists they want to leave, then they must be escorted out of the building. An invigilator can do this or you can call the Examinations Team for assistance.