Gangs and Youth Violence

Youth violence and gangs go hand in hand. 

Gangs and youth violence are a growing problem across the country. Membership of gangs and associated youth violence can have a devastating impact on children and young people and their families.

Young people join gangs for many reasons, such as feeling a sense of belonging, getting respect or boredom. They can be recruited by other gang members and can be pressured into joining. 

In many cases, violence is used to force people to join or stay with gangs. This can include sexual violence. Any violent attack can be life-changing or lead to people dying. ​

Recent evidence shows that young people aged 15-24 years old were more likely to be killed with a gun or a knife in London. 

If you are being forced to join a gang or are in a gang and want to leave, talk to a member of our Safeguarding Team.

The video about provides some indication of the extent of gangs and youth violence in London.