WestKing Safeguarding

Main Contact Details 

Phone:  0207 832 5331

Email: safe@westking.ac.uk

Kings Cross Centre

Alexandra Marquez     0207 832 5170

Aine Pretty-McGrath     0207 832 1924

Lucy Isaacs                  

0207 963 4172

Victoria Centre

Stuart Chartterton          0207 802 8985

Brooks Seyoum                0207 732 5384

Soho Centre

Paulette Rose                  0207 832 5169

Esther Dahan                   0207 832 5278

Regents Park

Brooks Seyoum               0207 832 5384

Sue Wiggins                    0794 915 5061

What should I do if I have a Safeguarding Concern?


Everyone at the college has a responsibility to keep themselves and other students safe.


If you have a safeguarding concern about yourself, another student, or a member of college staff, please speak to your tutor or contact a member of the Westking Safeguarding Team.


Contact details of our Designated Safeguarding Officers on each of the sites are shown in the blue column.

The WestKing Safeguarding Team

Each year, all staff at the college receive training on the college's safeguarding procedures.


They know how to support students and refer them to the WestKing Safeguarding Team.