Welcome to the BIG 4 Student Modules

All students must complete the BIG 4 Student Module during their induction week. Each Student Module is an online questionnaire which can only be answer after you have read through pages on this website. Click the button at the bottom of this page to access the questionnaires.

The modules and their connections on this website are as follows: 

1. Your Safety - The link on this website is SAFEGUARDING

2. Health, Safety & COVID-19 - The link on this website is HEALTH & SAFETY

3. Mental Health & Wellbeing - The link on this website is MENTAL WELLBEING

4. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion  - The link on this website is EQUALITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

The pass mark for each module is 80% so please make sure you have read all the relevant pages on the website first. 

Remember, you can only have one go at each of the questionnaires so make sure you are prepared. 

The correct answers will be shown after you have completed the questionnaire and covered in your first session with your tutor.

Good Luck!