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The WKC Student Behaviour Charter is here to make your College a safe

place to learn, free from disruption, distraction and acts of disobedience.

WestKing is a place where the college supports you to:

  • Achieve your educational and work-related hopes and ambitions

  • Take advantage of all face to face and/or online learning opportunities

  • Prepare for the world of work

  • Study effectively in the college and online

  • Make friends and study partners

  • Take part in face-to-face or online social activities and events


Zero Tolerance: Westking takes a zero tolerance approach towards students found to be in possession of weapons or carrying out acts or threats of violence.


If you are caught with a weapon:


  • The police will be contacted, and you will be suspended immediately

  • Following a college investigation and a Behaviour Management Hearing, it is highly likely that you will be permanently excluded from College


 As a member of the College we need you to:


  1. Wear your ID card at all times so your photo can be clearly seen, and, if requested, hand it to a member of staff for closer inspection

  2. Attend all your lessons on time and inform your teacher immediately if you are going to be late or absent

  3. Complete your college work to the best of your ability and meet all college work deadlines

  4. Remember to bring the books and equipment you need to every lesson

  5. Ensure the work you hand in is your own. Don’t cheat or plagiarise (copy) other people’s work

  6. Be respectful and tolerant towards others and uphold British Values

  7. Remove hoods when in college

  8. Follow college health and safety procedures

  9. Respect college property and the possessions of others

  10. Observe the college’s ‘no alcohol and no drugs” rule. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the building

  11. Follow the college’s policy on the proper use of IT equipment

  12. Follow staff instructions in college and during online lessons

  13. Act in a way which upholds the college’s good reputation when you are in the College and in the local community

  14. Check that your teachers and tutor have your correct contact details and let them know immediately if these change

  15. Tell a member of staff if you experience or become aware of any safeguarding concerns elsewhere. These concerns could include your safety, the safety of others, bullying, harassment and radicalisation towards violent extremism both online and offline