WestKing Student Login


When logging into your student login accounts, you must follow the following format:


  1. Student Login structure - studentid@student.capitalccg.ac.uk

  2. Student Password - Your date of birth in the following format (YYYYMMDD), then a hyphen and your initials in capital letters. 



The student with the following details.....

Name: Jane Smith

Student Number: 765432

Date of Birth: 31st December 2000 (31/12/2000)

They will use their email address to log in to any Microsoft 365 services, including MS Teams, Email, etc. as well as Adobe.

Login - 765432@student.capitalccg.ac.uk

Password - 20001231-JS (initials in capitals)

For info on how to log into MyDay, your student email and Moodle, click the icon below

student login.png