11 things we expect from you when you study Online at Westking

Please note:

The safe use of ICT is monitored on and off site for your safety.  


  1. Attend all classes and tutorials, online and offline and contact your teachers with any problems

  2. Read and agree to the ICT Acceptable Use statement and the monitoring of the College’s ICT systems before logging onto the College’s eLearning platforms

  3. Turn off Bluetooth on your device while taking part in lessons

  4. Be appropriately dressed and ready to learn when logging onto lessons using Teams, Google or Moodle eLearning platforms.  

  5. Wear your lanyards so that the photos on your lanyards are clearly visible when attending online classes and sessions.

  6. Turn on your cameras and to use them during the scheduled lessons or online breakout rooms.    

  7. During learning online, change your background on the screen for privacy 

  8. Don’t take photos of others during learning. This includes using and sharing photos online in any situation.

  9. Keep your online location safe and do not share this information, your personal details or passwords online

  10. Report all forms of bullying, either online or on College premises. Staff will deal with bullying according to the Anti-Bullying Policy and CCCG Student Disciplinary Policy.

  11. If you have any concerns or feel worried for someone else, please refer to the Safeguarding Team: 020 7832 5331