Digital Skills

Digital Skills Support






If you need to develop your digital skills, you can either:


1. Study independently online by yourself. Click on the link below

Digital Skills - Independent Learning.


2. Attend a digital skills workshop with other students. Book in by clicking the link below.

Digital Skills - Workshop Timetable


What are digital skills?

Digital skills are the skills you need to study and work in our fast-changing digital world.


Are you confident with your own digital capabilities? Do you have the digital skills needed to cope with a digital world that is changing all the time? When you go out to work, will you have the digital skills the employers need? 

The types of skills and capabilities you need include:

  • learning how to use the right digital devices, applications, software and systems

  • finding, reviewing, organising and sharing information effectively

  • using different online resources and tools to help you study and learn remotely 

  • being able to communicate and work with others in a digital setting

  • understanding how to protect yourself and other students, to stay safe in the digital environment.